Green Eyed Freak!

Staring my way,

Just look away.


You green eyed freak.

Stay away from me!


I want to be happy.

I can’t be jealous like you.


I want to laugh and smile,

Not plot revenge.


I want to make sure he’s happy

“But he deserves you!” it told me.

Stop it you green eyed monster.


I don’t want him anymore!

I want to be over this already!


I can’t have you attached to my back

Get off!


Get out of the darkest parts of mind!

I’m just fine without him.


He can go love whoever he wants.

It doesn’t matter to me anymore.


You’re just an insecure emotion who feeds off of hatred.


I will not hold a grudge because of you.

You can’t have power over me anymore.





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