Sent From Above

I sat on my bed

just me and my thoughts

wasn’t sure what I’d do

after my shot.

hit play to watch a sitcom

then out of nowhere,

you came along.

I sat and cried

when I reminisced that

you died. I watched your

friends talk sweet memories

of you.
you also spoke, from beyond the

heavens, it was surreal to me

to share that moment with you.
you inspired my voice. You gave me back my

empathy! I’ll always cherish that Saturday

evening, sitting in London, once again

able to feel emotions and cry.
it was as though you said all will be fine!

the world will be mine.
but a piece will always be missing

because you are gone.

what can fill that void?
the pain still cuts deep.
but I’ll be strong

and carry on! Because you came down from


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