Aria Aria Butterfly

After our first was born we have been dreaming
Of little baby girl so dainty yet beaming
We often look above and wish upon the stars
May God grant us all the desire of our hearts

Then finally our dream of baby girl came true
Been craving and sleeping and my tummy “uh-oh”
Then her name was prepared We will name her Victoria
And we can’t wait to hold our pretty pretty Aria

A month more to go before we see our little girl
She came without heartbeat everything’s in a blur
We were all devastated we were all left in tears
‘Cause we wont get to hug our dainty pretty Miss

Since then every time we remember our girl
A dainty butterfly all at once will appear
Its a way that we know she drops by to visit
Her mom and dad and brother who are sad every minute

Aria Aria dear Aria Aria butterfly
Pay us a visit every once in a while
Please know that you’re loved and dearly you are missed
You did not leave us all You will stay in our midst

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