A Simple Request (Hour 12 – 2022)

Laela’s driving force in life was simply
for all of us to be together
That’s all she wanted

Nothing gave her joy
like one of us returning from a long trip
Or even from a stroll down the street

Nothing quite caused her sorrow
like the familiar scene
of packed bags sitting in the foyer,
signaling the imminent departure of a family member

Her smile always brightened the room,
when we were all gathered together
The delight beamed from her eyes
when she would unexpectedly run into one of us at the park

This past weekend,
After 12 wonderful years,
Laela left us

And even in doing so, she brought us closer together
sharing our tears and our heartache.
Tears that have not openly flowed in unison in years

Her memory will always be a bright spot:
Teaching us that some things transcend humanity
Some ideas are more universal
Some ties are deeper
Bridging species

For the unconditional, limitless, love
For the lessons in loyalty, and family
For the masterclass in the importance of togetherness
Thank you, Laela

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