An Ode to the Written Word (Hour 5 – 2020)

Prompt 17, Half Marathon 2: Hour 5

Title: An Ode to the Written Word

There is something satisfying about a bookshelf,
and even more-so of a library.

The way a simple scan allows you to travel the centuries.
A living monument to the pursuit of knowledge.
A memorial to differing perspectives and viewpoints.
A tribute to the thoughts and discoveries of generations past.

And in one’s hands, the sound of a crisp page turning.
Yellowed by age, and touched by wisdom.

I lament the passing of the written word.
With each and every day,
we drift away from its guiding light.

Consumed in worlds of instant gratification,
and gaudy pre-packaged media.

Our ability to comprehend diminished.
And with it, an erosion of our norms and civility.

Yet, I can hope for change.
And I will hold firm:
The book will live on in my heart and in my home.

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