What Were They Thinking? (Hour 4 – 2022)

As I reflect upon what I know
of my great grandfather’s life,
I can only ask:
What were they thinking?

Why did they ignore all the problems?
That now make life so much harder

Why did they let hatred consume them?
And lies divide them

Why did they take for granted
All the wonderful things that they had?

Fresh air
Clean water

Why did they let things get out of hand?
With half of the country hating the other half
And steps taken backwards

And if they knew what their decisions
would cause for us,
Would they do it all the same way again?

One thought on “What Were They Thinking? (Hour 4 – 2022)

  1. These solemn, considered lines are really compelling to read. I have a horrible feeling that, yes, our grandfathers (and grandmothers) would have done exactly the same things again. What a terrible legacy we are leaving the younger generations.

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