# 12 – Over 90 under 100 – repeats count as 1

Tiny, sickly litter runt.

Brown, black, white.


Puppy in a kitten collar.

Tail, lacking control, motions aimlessly.

Loved back to health by her people.

Tree climber, couch companion, bed mate.

Camilla Barker Howls or Millie,

little sister of Lily.

An adored princess.

Petite, silky, energetic, silly.

Wood pile prancer, squirrel chaser, yard surveyor.

Sunny spot napper.

Clean up committee.

Escape artist.

Complicated life with self imposed rules.

Under foot, on lap, head out window ear blowing antics.

Empty Nester solace.

Twelve years old.

I want more chapters in this dog story.


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