Prompt 10, hour 10_ Go to the sloths you sluggard.

Go to the sloth you sluggers, consider it’s ways and be wise.

To build a tomorrow , bright and filled with wealth,

Follow Ben the three toed sloth!

Ben is just the poster child for the clichĂ© that said “the early bird catches the worm”.

For Ben, day is just as good as night, 24 hours almost not enough, for Ben never sleeps  till his work is done.

20 hours he works only 4 he sleeps, Ben never sleeps till his work is done.

If hard work is your aim and discipline your goal,

By all means follow Ben I say.

I indeed had a friend , a writer by craft, who couldn’t sit down to write.

He had ideas worth 10 thrillers, but the pitfall is this

How to sit down and just keep at it.

But on bright good Friday , the god of fortune gave him a kiss.

Right smack on the lips he confessed.

He met Ben the hard worker, yes that very Ben and to this day 10 thrillers he wrote.

I do hope that these few lines of mine convinced you,

You can’t do better than a slot for hard work.

2 thoughts on “Prompt 10, hour 10_ Go to the sloths you sluggard.

  1. ‘He had ideas worth ten thrillers
    But the pitfall is this,

    How to sit down and keep at it.’

    Gorgeous exposition of the ordinary dilemma – how to keep at it!

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