Dystopian Dog Dinner

Toxic sunset radiates dull red rays into the neon twilight
Falling satellites leaving smoke trails across the starless sky
A lone cockroach crawls through scattered shattered glass from storefront windows
Perched on decaying styrofoam throne, it’s antennae quiver as it waits for the day to die

Moon rises, inspiring howls from packs of wild dogs roaming abandoned superhighways
Roaming skeletal remains of half-rusted freight trains derailed decades before,

Before the war, before nuclear winter sprinkled soft grey ash over amber fields of grain
Before the concrete streets eroded under torrential downpours of acid rain
Before the warplanes vomited their toxic payload on unsuspecting citizens and militants alike
Before the cockroach disappears with a crunch into the mangy dog’s maw as it snarls into the night

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