An Abridged Post-Mutilation Testament (Hour 17)

“I am begging,

Let me be lonely

but not invisible.”

– Natalie Diaz


That heart is homegrown now.

Those guiltless drives

and gentle concerns are much stronger now.

Only now, it has grown the tools to sieve you out,

since you failed to extinguish it.


That head is ever more wiser now.

Those selfless sacrifices and

tireless work behind the scenes.

It can sift the chaff better now,

since you failed to shut it down.


Those hands aren’t as swift as they used to be.

Much brawn and fuel drawn from them

in that fruitless misapplication of your multitasking concepts.

Now though, they can hinge well on reborn pivots

since you failed to render them numb.




Written from the text prompt of Hour 17.

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