Noon Rain (Hour 1)

On a day that seems pretty stretched out,
with cool sunny splendour and shy wind,
puffs of clouds hang like inverted parachutes,
and the roads smoothen out the spirit of the feet.

A dark hue is splashed across the clouds;
the puffs spread into a full pregnant sky;
its amniotic sac ruptures into full burst
as the earth awaits the delivery of the waters.

It is a short walk homewards;
a dash for shelter, a dance for the elements.
In that mobile surge, soaked up like a sponge,
it flows out of me into my lonely room.

The semi-darkness outside seduces my room into slack darkness.
Happy clattering on the roof, weak shrill by the windows.
In that wetness, in the middle of my extent,
wishes of fireworks engulf my senses.

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