tower (prompt 8)

the reinvention of self is the embodiment of the tower
a daring endeavor, the stripping of a life, fully shed

to intentionally renounce all that isn’t serving – deserving better
prospects drip honey gold incandescent, horizons beg, dawnings beckon
distantly, homelands insistent, roaring orange unfolding

it will all be brought to ground, leveled traceless in time’s embrasure
stories unfamiliar, free, released from finite memory

then embark on unmarked roads – absolved, asphalt optional
you’ll tear a hole straight through, intently escorted by desert skies

carry on, sinuously, led by intuition
the miracle of reinvention, of a self – embodying the tower

you will be brought to ground, safely traceless in time’s embrasure
claim sanctuary, become undone, adopt versions once discarded
forgotten,┬ánever known, the selves preserved, selves undefiled – waiting

will you be waiting too – occupying terminals,
holding up a mirror, without a sign, without a name

One thought on “tower (prompt 8)

  1. I like how this poem is slightly cryptic without being esoteric and abstract. The short phrases and images are thought-provoking. I think you’ve captured the dichotomy of the Tower… the image vs. what it signifies. Good job!

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