Once upon a winter time,
Quite some time ago,
In a very northern cabin
Blanketed by snow
Lived a kind old gentleman
And his kind old wife.
Together they had made
A very kind old life.
He had the herd of reindeer,
He’d befriended the elves,
They’d got to grips with filing
To make the lists themselves.
But still the old chap had a doubt
‘I think I need a sign…
Something of a catchphrase, dear.
Something that’s just mine’.
He stood stiffly in the room
All Autumn, trying to think.
‘I’ve failed my dear, I’ve Santa’s block
Our whole plan’s on the brink.’
‘Oh pooh!’ said she, ‘you kind old fool.
You don’t need a motto,
Your very smile has bags of style!
They’ll love it in the grotto’.
Then came the day, the trip all planned
Almost time for take off
He looked at her and beamed and beamed
With joy at such a send-off.
Once upon a winter time,
Quite some time ago,
As the sleigh rose to the stars
They all heard ‘Ho Ho Ho!’

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