Hour one

Prompt one 9 am Write a poem in which the four elements (Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water) play an important part.


By Patricia Harris

Earth to ground me,

All around me.

Solid,  comforting,

Affected by all I see,

The comfort of me.


Air to cool me,

Lift me up,

Release the stress

Carried away,

Just to deal with

Some other day.



For passion,

Love,  lust,  and anger,

Burns away the darkness,

Setting the imagination

Blazing with so many ideas.



Churning emotional tides,

Soft soothing depths in which to hide.

Washing away all my sins,

Keeping me sure and clean within

As it all starts over again.


And lastly,  never least,

The element of spirit

Both divine and the one within,

A connection with the universe

Blessed and perverse,

Combining all elements

To a song and verse.

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