Apologies for my tardiness.

I made plans and reminders to participate in the morning half-marathon. Life intervenes. For instance, none of my calendar reminders went off this morning. But I also went to bed last night with a writing project that should have been finished only half done. I rose with my head full of thoughts on how to finish and proceeded to hash out the piece until noon, when I always go to the Y to swim. Once I finished my laps, my wife wanted to go for coffee and only when we got home, took a nap, fed the cats and IĀ returned to the project, still unfinished did she remind me, “Weren’t you doing a marathon?”

I also discovered that my time converter site, which said the event starts at 9amĀ CST, was wrong.

Excuse: My programmer forgot to add a schedule to my software!

Excuses, however, matter little. I will be at least begin now, and continue with the second-half marathon.

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