Hello, poets!

So looking forward to the 2022 Poetry Marathon! This will be my sixth full 24 hour marathon, with a half marathon on a seventh year when our family of seven was moving from Texas to Indiana. Happy to be settled in our Indiana home these days and ready to fully immerse myself in this wonderful experience once again, and meet old friends and new. Over time, this one day every year has become a reference point stitching its way through all the intervening days of the year. Though it isn’t easy to find equilibrium and quiet long enough to create meaningful writing in a four generation household, my family respects the good the marathon brings to me enough to allow and even encourage this one day of uninterrupted writing bliss. Good fortune to all who have shared this time with me before, and to those that are new this year, allow yourselves to fully enjoy the experience. The rewards are well worth the 24 hour sleepless effort.

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