A Starling Being


Thunder shook the horizon in the land of Nin
As the Hoboken waited for the storm to begin
The stocky grassland race hoped for a prophetic child
A starling being with gift to tame great beasts in the wild
As an adult he’d regain their homeland lost long ago
To the cruel Kek-mim raiders from the Forgotten Snow
Cities and loved ones left encased forever in ice
For their resistance, they paid a terrible price
But the young one would mend a painful past
Ears perked as due north they heard a blast
The motley group shuffled hurriedly forward
And arrived to hear cries from a great orchard
A Hoboken baby screamed, from tiny blankets born
Stuffed inside a tree trunk, by lightning shorn
Matronly hands clutched the boy as all danced and chattered
So much lost through the years, now justice was all that mattered.

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