Sealed with a Kiss

At long last, Sarika and Sandeep’s lips touched

Sandeep, from a lower caste and Sarika a rich one

They met on a stormy-swept Mumbai night

When Sandeep saved Sarika from a band of pickpockets

Smitten, Sandeep begged for her number and she gave it

Their families were furious when they learned the truth

Such a scandal would rock the town

Sandeep’s father swore and deleted the son’s emails

Sarika’s mother sent her sons to watch her

And she became a prisoner in her own home

Forbidden love only grew that much stronger

Both snuck out of their bedrooms in the sultry nights

Through alleys to meet at their favorite tea shop

Once Sandeep ventured a kiss, but Sarika swatted

She’d kiss him only when they could love in public

Sandeep vowed to earn enough to start a life

Working three jobs to save for brighter days

Sarika secretly helped admit him to a business school

They shared daily stores over tea

One day they confronted their families

Dress in their finest, they declared their love

Their love must be accepted, or they’d run away

The families reluctantly agreed, forced to see the truth

That nothing would separate their love and passion

Resting in a cottage in the countryside, together at last

A new life sealed with a kiss

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