Hour Twenty Two ~ Tenderness Pouring from the Skies

Use the word Tenderness as this hour’s prompt.


If Love and peace would prevail
in this world full of beating hearts
warm feelings filling the eyes
with tenderness pouring from the skies
who would ever think of committing
a sin,
not one nor two nor seven,
All would be in
for Heaven
The Earth grows green gold
sweet honey abounds
even if we eat it all still
there is more and more
till the winter and the Fall
So let not anger envy or pride
make us greedy slow and hide
all good behind lust
for dust we are and
shall return to dust
So all these sins seven
can be conquered by eleven
Let us remember
That which will raise our score
The Laws of The Almighty,
Words of Our Dear Lord-
‘Listen, Pray, Go and sin no more’

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