Before Darkness

“Hello, Darkness,”
I whispered at the void one night.

This old black hole in my heart is swallowing me up again.
Devouring, covering, sealing me in, so tight.

It has always been like these.

Empty room, unmade bed,
Empty heart, filled with all the things that are better left unsaid.

Empty canvass, blank pages,
Empty mind that sealed my dangerous thoughts in cages.

I have no one to touch, no one to hold,
No one, except for this familiar, old void.

Whispering how much of a failure I am,
Silently screaming about how broken I’ve become.

Shouting every messy thing from my past,
Imprisoning me in cold nostalgia’s grasp.

Making me do things I am not supposed to do,
Like trying to make my purple veins turn red, or hold my breath ’till I turn blue.

This void is the reason why it’s so hard for me to wake up every morning,
Why I’m having a hard time accepting the thought of still living.

But then one day, a light came through and pierced through my heart,
Binding every shattered piece of it part by part.

For the first time, the void was gone.
For the first time, darkness was done.

Every fiber in my being was still in shocked,
As this brand new light started filling in all of my heart’s wounded cracks.

I decided to grab this chance and run with it,
Not wanting to go back anymore in my loneliness’ pit.

“Good bye, Darkness,”
I finally said.

I’ll hold on to this Light and keep it close beside me as my tattered being starts to mend,

And I’ll run far, far away from where I was, before Darkness could find me again.

Darkness would never find me again.

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