#12 Unrequited Love

Unlucky in love I’ve always been,
Invisible to all the women I’ve held dear,
But I’m a romantic – what can I do?
One day, I’ll surely meet my lover.

I may have even met her already,
I wonder if Susan is ‘The One’,
Or will Cupid fail me yet again,
The way he did with Sharon.

And Tara, and Sammy and Nicole.
Each time my heart had fluttered,
Each time I had had sleepless nights,
But each time ‘NO’ they had uttered.

But Susan, I feel, will look past my awkwardness,
She does smile at me after all,
Hopefully she’ll see my devotion, my loyalty,
And for once, someone will accept me being an oddball.

Today is the day I’ll finally do it,
Find courage to ask her on a date,
I’m positive she’ll say a ‘Yes’ to my request,
I’m sure she will realize I am her soulmate.

I grab a dozen lilies – her favourite,
And make my way towards her front door,
God I hope she says yes,
There are only so many bodies my little basement can store.


-Prachi S

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