Travel Card

In my wallet I still keep
the travel card you gave me in 1973
which grants the bearer, me,
immediate and instant passage to somewhere else

This 2 by 3 inch rounded edge card stock,
illuminated in black ink
from a 00 rapidograph pen,
I hold for an emergency

The front side shows your
drawings of our first months together,
while the back lists
the privileged destinations I can go to.

Over the years, the edges have
curled and frayed leaving
some of the destinations
and memories in doubt

It was from a time
when it was just the three of us,
you, me, and Peter the cat
with your dragon blowing hot air onto our bed

My card numbered 0000001 does not give
instructions in how I can use it
or warn me about the consequences of
such transit.

I have never asked you
if you have card number 0000002,
if the same destinations are on it,
and if you have used it.

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