Cant be free if you’re not

it makes me glad to know you see me through

the clouds and all the shadows that they cast

but How can I accept the the blessings you bring

if they make this  much joy for me and you’re still feeling blue?

When do you get to feel some too?

I wish I could share what comes when I feel your smile

I’d give it back

all of it to you

if only my me with you was as much goodness for you as your you is for me

but I can’t tickle your smile or make your heart sing

bring life to your being nor ask for any more…

Have I pulled life from your flow?
how could I let myself get so high when any part of you feels any kind of low?

let me not dam your way
take from you or fill your space

I’ll stick around but only if you want me to stay

I’ll stay but not if you’d rather I go

It’s a long way to this place and farther without flow

Perhaps it’s time to let me let you be the free I almost let me find with you and wish you found with me




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