in on the joke

The question turned to a joke when no one got the punchline…

and explaining where it came from isn’t worth it anymore…

The conversation moves from her best friend’s root canal to the gentrification of the city

and on to the”new phenomena” of women searching for a meal in garbage cans.

As if this wasn’t something we’ve all seen, some of us felt.

From there to the empty concentration camps lining Amerika in wait.

The atrocity of our newsreels takes its journey around the table but there is one topic we may not discuss!

its a party you see..

As if the mood’s not offered the topic

touching on a subject the birthday girl can’t hear they distract themselves with some other pain

being the youthful one around the table surrounded by my elder generation, I reach for the blessing of a beautiful memory or perhaps a solution they may have forgotten to inploemnet along the way

mining for the wisdom amongst the sorrow and mortality

I pray for a moment of tittilation in each of their days and leaning toward the trickster in the group

I giggle at the third time that only we have gotten the punchline to our joke

intergenerational sharing goes both ways.

Let me in on the secret to your punchline and I’ll share mine with you.

i swear it was funny the last time I told it.