Let them fall

I haven’t changed much in all this life

holding firm to who I knew I could be within the confines of disparate contrast

no  I didn’t care then and I don’t care now

what they want me to be not what they think I am

yet somewhere in the mix it feels good to be seen


and cherished

worship is a slippery slope and I have watched too many kneel adult the feet of false idols to be wowed by the glitter

consider me

consider how it feels to be so completely you that the fucks you give left before I got here

what does my opinion matter anyway?
I’ll keep holding this line and walking nimbly as I can

although I’ve been stumbling along the brambles never knowing the scorched pathways

How did I get here?

When they bowed their heads in fear of being found out…

i kept talking

when they closed their eyes to ignore what I showed them…

I held it closer

when my tears were too salty…

I let them flow faster

it feels good to quench stale old fears and cleanse long tender wounds with more than a few tears—let them drop  when they well up, she said




and I’ll keep saying it

There’s laughter on the other side

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