Hour 15

Wife of Underworld

Falling to this dark place wasn’t great at first

But I have tasted the sweetest fruit

I have found a caring husband

Sometimes when visiting my mother

I miss the dark rather gloomy home I leave behind

It’s hidden beauty has started to shine brighter than the sun

But once in awhile it is good to have the sun on my skin

And flower petals in my hair

3 thoughts on “Hour 15

  1. Whatever your intent, I see Persephone and all the women who loved the “bad boys” and did not had life as difficult as others might imagine. Although those last 4 lines suggest someone who wants to have it all. And what’s wrong with that?

  2. Yes it Persephone. It was the only myth I could think of at 11pm (which is past my bedtime). Thanks for the comments I don’t know when/if I will get around to editing this one but I will definitely think about those last four lines more.

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