Hour 3

This one came together so quick! But I enjoyed writing it. I’ve been working through some feelings about a friendship and this is where I am at/getting to.



This is a study on object permanence

I want to see if you think of me on your own

Or if I will disappear if I don’t put myself in your view


This is a study on object permanence

Because I am always bringing up anything

Or sending things that make me think of you


This is a study on object permanence

I wonder who else is pushing into your view

Or if I am the only one wanting to be unwanted


This study is over

I am closing our chat

Or should I say my chat

4 thoughts on “Hour 3

  1. I feel this. Recently I deleted my main FB and only use my current FB for book groups. I have no one on my page at all. I’ve found out very quickly how many “friends” I have that will take the extra 2 seconds to message me via text instead of using FB… its ZERO. Honestly I’m okay with that because I know now how people stand. I love this one!

    1. Thanks! It was one of those things where I felt I was putting more into it and since I have stopped my efforts I haven’t heard from them. Which sucks in lots of ways but I would rather them leave than get left on read or ignored.

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