prompt 6: animkiig



standing on the lake shore. black sky arches in a perfect “c,” cupping the lake as if to hold it in its palm. the lightning comes toward me.  in front of me.

behind me a group of people, concerned for their safety, cry for protection from the storm.  i tell them they are safe with me.  on the horizon

with the flash of lightning

the animkiig come.  i turn to the people

“they are here for me.  go now!”

beating wings whip wind around me

sharp feathers slice me.

i see them come

claws reaching down,

digging deep into the flesh of my shoulder,

left shoulder

to perch

or carry me off with them.

i knew they came for me to stand in the place of the others…

as i stood in this storm on this slate grey shore on this ink black lake.

(c) r.l. elke

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