Ma was too tired to cook (hour 9)

Ma would made me sit in my fav chair while she fed me

flaked corn has the magic to lift me higher like an elixir till now

maybe it is in the taste or paste that accompanies the flakes down

always a delight night and day, then and now


If I have to choose it would always be corn flakes

either on holidays after school or in the class or near the lake

the sheer ease of preparation and the crunchiness is always a lift

cannot think of a better way to enjoy my fav flakes with creamy milk


Any day Ma was too tired to cook was my best day

for sure you know it is flakes that would make the day

and my smiles were always as wide as the arc of the rainbow

till now flakes have the same effect on my palate and the rainbow


Easy prep it

Eat it drink it snack it

The taste is always in it.

3 thoughts on “Ma was too tired to cook (hour 9)

  1. Facts! The good old days when life was simple and kids were conscientious and complacent when it came to taking parents into consideration. Simple, easy, fed before bed, that is all that mattered. No fanciness needed 🙏🏽😁

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