Gone Too Soon /6th Hour

I wish I could have loved you
The way you deserved to be loved

But you ran with the wild ones
Not easily harnessed, a free spirit

I saw a side of you that no one saw
A side I longed to honor and teach

Your mind, heart and soul weren’t ready
They were all just beyond my reach

I sat and waited year after year
Reserving the words you might want to hear

Time moved on slow and steady
I gave up pursuing, you still were not ready

We met a few times but you were in love
I decided to leave it to our Father above

Little did we know our time would be lessened
Our final date cut short, it never happened

My life quickly ended one day after work
By a demon who had no regards for my worth

I left with a longing I felt deep inside
I pray we will meet in the afterlife.

I watch from above and I guide from afar
You will always be embedded in my heart like a scar.


6 thoughts on “Gone Too Soon /6th Hour

    1. Amen very true. The turmoil, the troubles, the shortcomings, the mistakes none of that matters. Living life daily and in the best way is what counts. Let’s make it count. Thank you for the comment 🙏🏽😊

  1. Yes to feel of the lost I just lost my mother. Angel gone to soon and it’s all in the hands of the father who loves us so much that he given us his only son.

    1. Amen my sister I am with you on that my deepest condolences I lost my mom too 3 years ago. Seems like yesterday. I pray your heart finds healing although it never goes away you learn to live with it. Tell the father thank you. 🙏🏽🤷🏽‍♀️

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