Speedy Von Turtle / Prompt 10/6pm

Oh what Lightning speed he’s got
Leaving the other animals in thought

Like a flash you barely see
Just a cloud of smoke or three

Slow poke slow poke once was said
The hare so fast he rested instead

Arrogantly sure of himself
He fell behind but he slept well.

Now it’s time to play catch up
But it’s too late the turtles won

Next time don’t underestimate
The one who’s stealth won him the race


2 thoughts on “Speedy Von Turtle / Prompt 10/6pm

  1. Ohhh, I love this kind of fable reboot. What a great perspective to take – and I admire how you can identify a bit with the rabbit getting some good sleep in there. These tales last because they retell so well, and nicely retold here. I love the concept of this line, “Leaving the other animals in thought”

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