The Thicker The Blood/ 7th Hour

Sibling love, soul mates, twin flames
Perhaps from a different time we came
Connected at the root
Through the spirit so divine
So alike yet so different
Both etched in time
Giving more of themselves
To one another than others
Speaking without words
An understanding reserved
For a sister and brother
A connection that holds
The weight of the stars
Yet light as a feather
Repairs any scars
No matter the distance
Wherever they are
Nothing able to keep them
Apart for too long
Sibling love…
Blood thicker than water
Bound by invisible strings from the Father.


2 thoughts on “The Thicker The Blood/ 7th Hour

    1. Trust me I know about that two. I think all sibs go through growth spurts and phases. We get to allow for one another to grow through our individual paths. I love my sibs but we aren’t all the best of friends

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