My darling daughter,

When I left the house that New Years Day,
I ended up dying.
Thought I was indestructible,
but the highway got me in the end.

We never said goodbye.
I can only imagine how a loss
so abrupt made its home
inside your developing psyche.

Your mom must have been in shock,
Then she had to give birth.

Must have been awful.
I’m so very sorry.

Love Dad


He left me too, you know.
that New Year’s Day…
Alone with two children and
a half finished house.
I was blinded by rage so I nurtured
you and took it out on your
brother while you watched
helpless, powerless.

Then later I denied all.
Years go by and I’m very old,
You take me in and
you never outwardly
blame me – after
all your brother came out

broken-I couldn’t handle him.
What was I supposed to do?

But…I had a peaceful end.

I’m sort of sorry.



When I died I was angry.
I blamed you- you left and
Never looked back.
They put me in the state hospital –
made me a zombie.

You tried to visit I know but
She controlled that too.

I’m with them now and I
Have peace-you should too.

There was nothing you could have done.

She was not self-aware
She couldn’t love me.

You did. I know that now.
And…You took away gifts from

this and use them to help

Others – keep doing that

And be at peace sister.

Love Paul

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    1. Thank you so much. I didn’t realize anyone had read or commented on this. Do you think I should submit this one? I worry that people won’t understand. Yet you did so maybe they will.

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