Late Night Victory Lap

Hour 12, Prompt 20, Year 2021

As I plod through my last poem of the year
I’m thinking a lot about what comes after
A quiet cheer as my love and I leave our easy chairs
The desire to move around, finally in reach
It’s a cool, breezy night out here
The kind that prompts a midnight victory lap
Out into the night, we will step
Walking the length of our backyard
Taking in the fresh air, healing our headaches
Hand in hand, watching the stars
Then slowly, as we sketch out the Dipper
We’ll begin to discuss what we wrote
Light and heavy poetry alike
How we felt, where we faltered, where we grew
Grateful for the ability to write, to imagine
To be human
Then we’ll come back to a warm mug of tea and a shower
Maybe some dark chocolate if we feel indulgent
And as we slowly fade away under our covers
We’ll already be dreaming about the year to come

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