Underwater Grounding (Hour 1)

As I go through each day, these days, I am greeted by
A flurry of emails, todo lists, errands
I try to tackle each task but then
I pause.

I see the water, all around me, clear and blue
Weighing me down by its heaviness
Slowly, it blocks out the outside world
Till it’s just me and the blue and the water
And silence.

As I sit there, trying my hardest to breathe
I begin to notice
I see the blue in the water, and how it changes to light
I hear the silent whooshing sounds of the underwater
I feel the water, cooling my arms, face, tongue
I taste it, fresh as a spring
I smell the water smell
I breathe.

The water feels heavy no more
I take a deep breath in, and my legs move on will
And to the surface
I rise.

One thought on “Underwater Grounding (Hour 1)

  1. Lovely! You really captured the mysterious feeling of being under water like a friend. Gentle, almost like an infant that is not afraid to be unable to breathe.

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