The Worst Love Poem Ever Written

I used to associate fucking for love



Ripping my clothes off with your teeth

Couldn’t wait to get me under you

So you could get inside of me

Kind of fucking

There was no passion

Just fucking

But oh, did I love you

The way you pulled my hair

Slapped me around

Held me down

Forcing yourself to penetrate my core

You made me yours that morning

Against my will

You made me yours

I writhed around on the floor

not with passion

or pleasure

but in pain

begging not for more

but begging you to stop

And eventually

You did

You wiped your dick off with my panties

Then threw them on my face

“Thanks for that, love you too”

you said with a chuckle


You got dressed

and left

With the same quickness you used to devour me

I was there, laying on the floor

So very much in love

with you







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