2022 Poem One


My favorite time to go to the ocean

is December.

No tourists clogging up the streets,

RVs parked in the accessible parking spots.

There is finally enough room

to lay out a blanket for me and my thoughts.

Spend the day under a grey sun.

I meet the sand

meets the ocean

meets the snow

meets the sea grass

meets the rocks.

It’s warmer here than it is at home even though it’s winter.

It’s calmer here too.

The waves rolling in

keep time with the moon.

I’ll make sure to take take my sweatpants off

to wade into the ocean in shorts.

Feel the ocean meeting land

and feel the whole universe move beneath my feet.

Bask in how small I truly am then

walk back to the car, shoes in my hand.

Taking the snow and ice covered stone steps

reminding myself

I am here.

I am alive.

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