2022 Poem Five

CW: Dysphoria

Dysphoria is my Neighbor


I no longer want to live in this neighborhood.

My neighbor posts all day on NextDoor to spread lies about me.

She complains about me;

What I do, how I look, anything she can find to complain about.

I don’t know which neighbors believe her
And I care too much about finding out.

Then she has the audacity to steal my wifi.

She eats up all my bandwidth with her conspiracy theories.

I can’t leave my trash bins out too long
or she’ll report me to make herself feel better.

I’ve been told she has lived here as long as I

but I don’t remember her moving in.

I pray for her to move out before I do

and that her dog will stop shitting on my lawn.
All I ask is a warning before she sends off fireworks.

Asking and asking until my face turns blue with no luck.

Dysphoria is my neighbor and

she only lives here to make me miserable.

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