Sex on the Beach (Poem #16)

The implications of an explicit
Exploitation of the human geography
Is the essence of true analogy of how
We run free in the open space
Of life in the bountiful land
Of nature

A glimpse of the sea of love is overwhelming to the heart of men
The sensuality of femininity
Masculinity is the drapes of love
That covers the nature of an act
So cool and smooth
One that smodders without bruise or pain

Archive the sea and the beaches
A serendipitous arena where
We frolic in the sun
The sand tells the Stor of the many
Adventures it has seen
What a rave and daze
Romance in the sun , sand and sea.

All rights reserved copyrighted(c)2020 Roxann A Harvey-Lawrence

One thought on “Sex on the Beach (Poem #16)

  1. “The sand tells the Story of the many
    Adventures it has seen”
    Is incredible imagery. And true!
    “human geography” is another interesting turn of phrase.
    I like this poem, I’ve never heard the ocean described so sensually. It’s usually described in terms of power and violence. But it’s the origin of life and so it is love as well.

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