Kindly said

Kindly said to us

To be obedience


To see of your mistakes to be sinner free

Even when you don’t think so but it is

You’ll see

You will be pleased

And out of a situation or pain

The storm will pass over

Thanking the king for his doing here on earth ground we walk on

With all of him to make a way

To hold us near

This is our God with second changes

To fill up our hearts amazing

The care to love and take

With appreciation and gladness all year long fruitfully

The joy it is so

Just in time for hope with the morning rain Sunday’s

When the sun is out glowing down on us naturally

God’s true smile on us

Where we must not be afraid nor in fear

When he’s there beside us to cover us in armour protection

Night and day

Scarlet arms around us

Veneer veil

Many days to come

One day at a time

Sweet Jesus

Years and years

A plan made so


Hauls of abundance for plenty more

In do time

In the light of day

Time don’t waste

Days or nights

Its rotating circular on and on

With the sun

The son of God in place to carry on

In minutes away

Imagine of his steps he makes solid soul walking on earth twice as much

All of our days

For better or worse



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