Second Thought

  • A black pot of vultures spiral

Below the cabinets they sit there

In darkness dusty underneath England

Like rotor blades chopping on through

Vaporize stars

Drys as the sand burns hot

Your bones weaken or stiffen

A slip off of words you said

Needle of an eye passes

In June a ebony eagle eye watching over you

Sharply like a knife cutting off the edges

Pray and praise with anew song

That humble you still you wait

While the time turns

Notes to read

Gravy on many sounds approaching, and picket flute amaze with a tone in this room out loud to last until the last song played low

A freshly remixed in groups to wine in unity

Hero from the 1900’s of

A harvest and crops hues given

Likeliness of spoken words with a heart touches you

Ebony to walk on water

Pinky lilies without bubble bees scented on off

Trees standing still in front of you unbelievable

Smiles from the sun that shines mango orange down on earth ground we walk on

Elect of an army of God’s messengers

Reflections of his images

Shown in a mirror brighter like the sun


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