Spring Love

Prompt for Hour Two-

Under the comforting shades of aspen trees-
Memories wilts and wheatgrass grows taller than the last year-
fragile moments and parched eyes; thistle needles pierced my solitude

We collect dandelions; beyond time and life

We churned corn stalks powder into anesthetic-

Somewhere between your presence

and absence of love; the autumn winds gently blow
whisperings- bittersweet memories and noises

Like a scent of Wisteria bloom, your absence waits for Spring
The Crimson sunbeams penetrate the freckled skin-
Soon, popular will also shed their roughened skins

like our damp memories.

The quiet brook will comfort our yearnings;
Soon, we will walk together hand in hand in
Eclipsed by noises, and absence.

Copyrighted by Ruchi Chopra, 2017.

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