Holiday in December -Poem 10

Holiday in December -Poem 10


I am originally from Nigeria

Born in the UK to Nigerian Parents

Who met in London in 1960.

I am married to a Nigerian

But I am British born with Dual Nationality


We went to Nigeria for Xmas in Dec 2020

On our way back we always stop in Abudhabi

We spent few nights in Dubai and then on Xmas eve

we arrived in Abudhabi for Xmas.


My husband booked us a Xmas buffet meal in the Marriott hotel

We later went to Dubai Mall for the evening

We had been to the Village with 50 Nations

We had been on the  Safari ride Dunes

We had also been to the Burj Khalifa


So this was very Tourist like and being a muslim nation

I was surprised with the amount of decorations

We had to put on our masks

We went to the market on day one

We met with the locals and have made some friends


This was completely different to Nigeria

We spent few nights in Lagos the capital

We left for Ondo which is three hours drive

The roads were bumpy and the journey took

About six hours with so much traffic


We spent time with family- my husband is from a

Large family and has brothers and sisters abroad

We had so much food to eat and spent time with his

Mum. My daughter and son visited with us


The painting reminds me of the paintings in

The Marriott when we walk past to the lift

It also reminds me of the painting on display

In the hotel reception in Dubai

This has brought back memories for me.


But I must say I look forward to Abudhabi

I don’t really enjoy vacating in Nigeria.


@Sabinah Adewole  26/06/2021

Free prose poem.

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  1. This poem made me smile a lot. Pretty narrative. Great. Lagos isn’t the nation’s capital though. That’s Abuja. And for the experience, there are far more exciting places that could have stimulated your pen the more, but you didn’t see those places. A great rendition of personal experience you have here.

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