The View- Poem 2

The View  -Poem 2


The joy of unseen things

Wonders of nature brings

Sunset in the morning seems

Walking on the deck feels


The joy of the morning walk

Brings joy to the day folks

The sky a pattern of heart felt

The clouds array the scene felt


The ship at the distance walk

Connections to the distance

Sailing to the beauty of unknown

Breathing in the air of the unknown


Sunset is the beginning of a new day

Sunrise the feelings of unknown today

Joy can breathe through the lenses

The view from the unknown lenses


The Joy of Unseen things supremacy

An allusion of the expectancy

The expectation of an emergency

The instinct of frequency


The Joy of the unknown

Unseen of the unknown

Destination of the unknown

Brings Joy to the unknown


@Sabinah Adewole 26/06/2021


Zuihutsu- genre of Japanese literature loosely connected fragmented ideas from the authors surroundings


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