Letter to Me

Where are you?
Sometimes I wonder…
I wonder how you and I got here.
I try to hear all the things that were never said.
Could I come back?
Would it be like before I left?
Would your days still begin and end with me?
Is your heart still as warm as our clasped hands?
Did I break your heart?
I know I made you think I was always going to be there.
I know I let you down.
Do you still miss having me around?
Do you think time can mend what was lost?
I saw you once and you were as cold as an early spring frost.
Can you just tell me if all the love we had is truly lost?
Are the walls you rebuilt impenetrable this time around?
Because it’s a box of letters waiting to be read.
It’s a message in a bottle just stuck in my head.
It’s three little words begging still to be said.
It’s everything until not much is left.
It’s months flying by with my arms still reaching out to you even now.

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