Be Still … Listen – hour 18

The best part … editing

I refuse a prompting

then I fight with the thing

and then I’m still, stopping

I listen to the ring

in my ears, a bird sings

just halting, and hearing

all the rhyming it brings

and then a brief tussling

my critic is fussing

the muse is now losing

yet I see a cool posting

of others’ boasting

turning dead words into hatchlings

a wall, I’m now climbing

my ears are a buzzing

be still, listen, and learning

poem’s end is now nearing

and what you were fearing

is now happily ending.


– Sandra Johnson, 6/27/21

“…just be still, and listen” Credit: Shlokla Shankar.



4 thoughts on “Be Still … Listen – hour 18

  1. Great use of the prompt and smooth delivery in a short-lined list format. The first line made me chuckle — editing — the best part! A journey with the narrator through distractions that bring her back to edit to the happy last line. Thank you!

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