Dear Sandi (hour 6)

Life is very brief, and so

not living is slowly dying

you used to live, you know?


Ice skating

calves and ankles quiver

as the frozen ground stirs,

you’d shiver.


Once you exercised a bunch

ate well, shunned the late night munch

made walking stairs an easy task

in Philly, four floors and light lunch

back to high school weight, just once.


Trips to Paris

there were three

now a distant memory

shimmering art and structures

tasty bits of Brie and croissants

all blurred by memory’s faults.


Instead of being afraid

you took the extra days prepaid

roamed the art and nature alike

became tour guide for new friends’ sake.


A novel, never published

stagnant, sitting, not dusted

a memoir of one French vacation

that ended in destruction

of twin towers across the ocean

will you get that tome in motion?


Put down the phone and take up pen

eat well, and live your best again

walking, traveling, skating far

and soon transcript will be a star.


Love, your youth.


– Sandra Johnson, June 25, 2022


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