Holy Cheese! – hour 23

Oh, cheese!

yes, please.

ricotta’s creamy, blue is crumbly

as I write, see

cottage goes in my tummy.


Crackers are nice

with Colby jack, sliced

and grilled sandwich, can’t wait

for Swiss to ooze on hot plate.


Cheddar whiz is fine

atop cheesesteak, sublime

its bubbly goo

melts in my mouth, oooh.


Parmesan and romano

rock breaded chicken Italiano

or shredded atop-a

my bubbly lasagna.


Cheez its are a pleasure

in all kinds of weather

and even goldfish

deliver a kiss

of cheesy pleasure.


Even cheese from a can

in my mouth, it is grand

making decorations a bunch

on my sammie for lunch.


Oh, cheese, I love these

you make life a breeze

and make smiles alight

each time I take that first bite.


– Sandra Johnson, 6/27/21




12 thoughts on “Holy Cheese! – hour 23

  1. I never did know of such variety except the hot oozing creamy cheese but this sure opened up new vistas!
    You know, I can’t comment on all your poems, but I have read a good lot, and your rhyme and rhythm has inspired me to come out of free verse and explore.

  2. Thank you for this ode to cheese. I enjoyed it very much. Personally, I love cheese, but I am not supposed to eat it because it interferes with a medication I have to take. It’s grossly unfair and sometimes I eat it anyway (and pay for it the next day). I think you can understand me. I like the rhyme scheme as well.

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