Robert Smith

A kaleidoscope I see

a girl with rainbow hair, and free


you are my fascination street

a reflection of my face in heat


when Friday I’m in love now

the love cats all come slinking round


your face I see bowing dour

a lullaby that makes you cower


from the edge of the deep green sea I peer

homesick, and the end is drawing near

why can’t I be you, I wonder


a strange attraction pulls me strong

and then I sing a sweet lovesong


pictures of you in the purple haze

I’m counting down in between days


just like heaven I’ll be amazed

when at your concert I’ll be crazed


let’s go to bed I ask thee dear

not ever in one hundred years


maybe someday, always pray

but never enough, even today

it’s not you it’s me, you dare to play


-Sandra Johnson, 6/23/2019








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