What the Flood? (Hour 1)

What the flood is going on?

creeping, bubbling in at dawn

closing down beloved parks

do we need some Noah’s arks?


Whole neighborhoods collapse when

an avalanche of sludge creeps, then

the throat is dry for just a drop

contaminated all, clean H20 stopped.


Polar caps are melting now

causing us to argue, how

is global warming drowning us

slowly immersing the human race.


And now, the world is new once more

oceans, ponds and brooks restored

one borne creature swims alive

wet and happy in water thrives.


– Sandra Johnson,  June 25, 2022






One thought on “What the Flood? (Hour 1)

  1. Wow! I appreciated that twist with “What the flood. . .. ” and then began to recognize so much in the lines that followed. We have surpassed any reason in far too many ways, so it was good that you added humans to this poem when writing “neighborhoods collapse,” “causing us to argue,” and “slowly immersing the human race.” It’s true, Earth will continue after us, just not in the form we knew and then discarded. I genuinely hope we arrive at and stay in ” . . . the world is new once more. . . .” but have a side of cynism or perhaps despair right now.

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